June 2, 2011

Final Projects :)

It is my last month with the iPads. It was very clear what I would do with my class. I wanted to listen "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel and know what every reference was. So, that's what we're doing. I never thought my students would respond so well to the song. However, if I have to hear that song again I may never do this project again.

We listened to the song, interpreted the chorus and researched what every term was. We did a giant jigsaw. Every 8th grader got a term and were responsible for researching and writing on the topic. Then, we posted it to our class Posterous site: http://egiblin326.posterous.com/

Students should have their research posted by next week.

Now, we are in the song writing phase, where students will write songs that have historical events monumental in their lives. Please feel free to comment on their songs when they are completed next week.

I think Posterous is a great site for sharing. It's an organized blog on steroids that allows for a ton of contributors and students can post via email. Since they all have Bronx Green emails it is a very easy project. Posterous can be used on the iPad and it allows students to dabble in blogging. This is definitely something I wanted to touch upon before they went to high school because blogs are now the expectation in many college classes and high schools.

Please check back for songs as they are posted !


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