June 2, 2011


This month the iPad team will be posting about their plans for May. Most of the team has had five or more months of working with iPads in traditional (and non-traditional) academic settings. And as we approach the close of the year we don't want to leave any stone unturned. As necessary as setting a firm instructional tone in your classroom at the beginning of the year, having a strong plan for instruction for the closing months of the year is equally important.

With the addition of iPads to many of our classrooms, the shape, face and sometimes space of our classrooms has changed. The procedures we had in place for teaching with papers & pen have evolved for many of us after years in the classroom. Now we are faced with new capacities, new procedures, new methodologies.

How can we take these changes, these new shapes of instruction and use them to propel us into a time of year when students are often disengaged physically and emotionally? How can we take the successes of the past five months and use them to fuel what is left of the year? Or, is there any stone left unturned? Is there something we wished we would have done with our iPads that we were putting off? Perhaps now is the time to try?


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