May 23, 2011

May with the iPads

As the year winds down, many students have been known to start their summers despite the fact that school is still in session. They have a hard time focusing in class, do less homework, and behavior also begins to deteriorate. I plan on using the iPad to combat these end of year issues.

We will be completing a project involving vocabulary words that we have used throughout the year as well as practicing a post-May topic: Map Scale. We can use the iPad to research mathematic vocabulary, provide illustrations/examples, as well as to find related topics to each word.

As for the Map Scale chapter, Google Maps along with other map images on the internet will be the material that students will use to explore the relationship between map scale and proportions. Students will be able to look for a specific region/area that interests them and then use the map scale to measure distances between different cities in that region.

I will be using the IXL program on the iPad during class. With student motivation to complete homework at such low levels, I plan on allowing students to "replace" poor homework grades with extra credit if they spend some time practicing different topics on IXL.

Finally, I also plan on using the iPad as a reward for students who are making the right choices. Being able to surf the web, play different games, and even listen to music using the iPad can be a great incentive for students to do their work and exhibit good behavior in class.


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