April 4, 2011

Popplet in Math

Like my other colleagues, I decided to see how Popplet could work in math. I was a bit skeptical on how I might go about using it. Then I realized, since I was about to begin my Test prep unit with my classes, I figured what is the best way for students to work on test prep other than the traditional test prep materials. So I decided to have my students work on a math word walls using Popplet.

First when I introduced the idea to my students, they weren't to enthusiastic about doing it, however, once they started playing around with the whole concept, they began to enjoy working on the Ipad because it allowed them to represent their ideas and definitions using pictures and illustrations that they drew, rather than just copying down the definition from a book.

The students used various math textbooks, the internet, and their notes to look up words that they thought would help them on the NYS math test. Then they created their own personal math word walls using the Popplet application.

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