March 25, 2011


Below is the Bronx Green iPad Apps Greatest Hits for February.

TEACHER: Mr. Hammer (MATH)

APP: Math Circus

Over the last few months I have been working with students in my math class using iPADS. I have found that many of my students even though they are in middle school, are still lacking their basic multiplication facts. I found that this application has helped many of my lower level students with learning of their multiplication facts. The students have found that this application has helped them figure out different shortcuts when multiplying, rather than figuring it out on their own. I highly recommend this application to anyone that is struggling with their multiplication tables.

TEACHER: Ms. Vazquez (ELA)

APP: Lorax

As a 6th grade ELA teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to engage my students. The Lorax is a classic Dr. Seuss tale that I have read every year to every class. It is so rich in detail, reading skills and theme that it would be a disservice not to share it with my students. Not only does it read the entire story to the students, but the graphics immediately capture my students’ attention. They literally sit captivated and after the read aloud is done they have meaningful conversations about the theme of the book. For my English Language Learners the “picture/word association” feature allows them to preview the vocabulary before they read. As a result, they gain a deeper understanding of the story. This is an amazing app that reaches different learning styles and varying levels.

TEACHER: Ms. Crowley (SpEd)


I recently discovered this app from previous reviews on the net and I must agree the app is worth the download. PBS provides great clips of their programming for all interests and ages and the videos are current. There is such a broad range of options it is hard to get bored. Coupled with being able to check out what is on television in your area as well as being able to preview the program really makes this app worth the time. It has quickly become one of my favorites.

TEACHER: Ms. Scott (ELA)


In my classroom, we mostly use iPads as ireaders - especially for my students who read above grade level...they need an extra challenge in our curriculum. What I love about the Kindle app is it's instantaneous access to high-interest, engaging books. In my school, physical books can be hard to come by for numerous reasons. However, if I have a student who requests a book that I do not have in my classroom, Kindle can provide it with just a few taps!

Instant access to books is amazing. On the other hand, I frequently run in to a problem when it comes to the Kindle app. Many of my students want to read the Harry Potter and Cirque Du Freak series. Unfortunately, these books are not yet available on Kindle.

I asked my students who have used the Kindle app regularly both in and after school in my classroom. What they love about the app is the ability to bookmark and change the font size to make it easier to read. However, my students overwhelmingly prefer the iBooks app over Kindle for one main reason: in iBooks, readers have the ability to highlight and make notes using different color fonts. Therefore, if students are working on different skills while reading - the different colors can highlight the different skills and make it more visually clear. With Kindle, only black font is available for highlighting.

Overall, I think the Kindle app is a great resource for educators and students, especially those that need resources FAST."

TEACHER: Mr. Rivera (MATH)

APP: Math Minute

As a teacher, I really like the summary portion of the app which shows how students answered performed on each question. This helps target instruction and even future games (the app has different difficulty settings). Another big plus is the inclusion of integers. So far almost all of the flashcard-type apps I have found on the iPad have no included integers for one reason or another.

As my class begins to do more test prep, perhaps I can even set up a Math Minute tournament.

Overall, the app straightforward design makes it easy to use and I would recommend it to any math teacher and especially those with students who need to bone up on their math facts as well as integer rules.

TEACHER: Mr. Little (TECH)

APP: Popplet



I teach 8th grade social studies in the Bronx. Currently, we are incorporating iPads into the classroom as instructional tools. I have spent a lot of time looking for quality social studies apps and many have come up short. This one is great! First, it takes the hunting down footage portion of my job not as painstaking. I can spend hours hunting for materials. Next, it's a great primary source and students can create dbqs with it. Finally, it's incredibly kid friendly. It's organized and easy to use. Nicely done. My only suggestion is that I wish here was a bit more description on what the footage is showing. I hope you develop more titles soon!

TEACHER: Mr. Labossier (SpEd)

APP: Algebra Touch

As a special ed teacher, you often find that something that you spent months on and were sure your students understood can be easily forgotten within weeks. Without constant reinforcement and practice, the students dont retain the skill.

This becomes especially frustrating as the students get older and more and more of the math requires constant use of algebra. I have been able to use this app with students who get stuck on problems. The app allows them to go through step by step with the practice problem as they work on their own problems. Because each step is broken down and done separately, students often quickly identify their mistakes and move on with their work. It has become the most reliable in-class refresher we've had yet!

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