May 13, 2011

What are my plans for May?

As we all know, the end of the year is approaching. So the question is, "How will I use my iPads these last couple of weeks?" Well, my iPads will be used for various projects in both my 6th & 7th grade math classes.

In the next couple weeks, I plan on having my students prepare a Bronx Green Middle School Vocabulary book, where they will have to define, illustrate, and explain the key vocabulary words that a 6th & 7th grade math student must know. They will use their textbooks, reference books, as well as the iPads to look up information.

Some of the other projects that I have planned, will be graphing skittles, and figuring out percentages using what they know. The iPads will be used in various ways to assist them. The iPads will be used as an educational piece for students who might of forgotten how to convert fractions to percents. As well as, use their iPads to graph their data that they have collected. They will use the website, "kid's zone", to create both a Bar graph as well as a Circle graph.

Last, I will have my 6th grade students design a book for Architects, explaining various mathematical operations in order for an Architect to be able to use as a reference to help them build and design a building. They will apply what they learned about fractions and measurement to answer various questions that have to do with real life situations. They will use theirs iPads to help them create their books, as well as an educational tool to help them learn what kind of work an Architect does.

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