January 19, 2011

3 hard and fast rules

This month the BGMS iPad team is tackling the concept of school-wide iPad rules & procedures. When should students be allowed to take an iPad with them to lunch? How should students handle iPads?

Followers: We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Comment on this thread with your suggestions for 3 school-wide iPad rules....


  1. 1. Keep food/drinks away from iPads at all times.

    2. iPad stays stationary - students move (to the iPad).

    3. Students may only use iPads for incentive purposes once their work for that class is complete and their behavior is positive.

  2. 1. iPad stays on the same table where a group of 3-4 students share the technology.

    2. Only ONE student at a time on the iPad (although, other students can look over to see what another student is doing).

    3. iPad must stay flat on the table AND cannot travel without permission.

    4. Students can use the iPad for games which drill math facts only AFTER completing the assigned classwork (teacher checks work).

    5. Students must wipe down the screen AND close the cover after use.

    6. Students cannot surf the internet without an acceptable (read: educational) purpose.

  3. Interestingly enough, I found my students super careful and gentle with the iPads. They also cleaned them without my instruction. They understood the value of the tool and like to take care of it.

    I begin the year with a lesson on technological protocol which includes:
    1. You use the tool for the task and only the task
    2. You respect the tool by cleaning it, not downloading anything unauthorized, not playing games and using it for research
    3. You shut down, start up, save according to cues given by me

    Also, we review group work protocol in the beginning of the year. Groups take turns with regards to who is researcher or leader. Not everyone is to grab the computer, there is a rotating schedule.

  4. 1. Use only the applications and/or websites permitted for the task at hand.

    2. Only the student/table given permission may use the iPad.

    3. Close the cover before moving the iPad to another table or student. (I often have the iPad travel vs the student traveling to the iPad.)

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  7. 1. Before students use the iPads they must participate in a lesson that introduces the "Do's and Don'ts" of iPad use.
    2. Ipads should be "numbered" and students must sign-out iPads. Students are responsible for the iPad they sign out.
    3. The adult in the room must actively supervise iPad use.

  8. 1. All iPads should remain stationary

    2. No food or drinks should be around the ipads

    3. If there are any issues with the iPad, let the teacher know prior to using it.

    4. Only the students that are assigned to the iPad can use it.

  9. iPad Rules

    1) Be respectful.
    Most students understand being respectful of the equipment but many need reminders to be respectful of their classmates. Volume down, don't distract (or tease) classmates

    2) Be still.
    While its fantastic for mobility, our students have yet to master the learning while multitasking skill. To protect the students, the equipment, and to ensure that the students get the most education out of the device as possible, its best to have them in one station as opposed to moving around.

    3) Share out.
    These iPads are giving students a fun way to learn, but only one student at a time for the most part is on the iPad. Students who use the iPad should share out and let their classmates know what theyve learned. This will then excite more students to engage in their learning.

  10. I have been putting this comment off because I am struggling with what three rules I could come up with that would work for teachers who teach varying contents and in varying styles. Who am I to say what is going to work best in someone else's classroom when it comes to something so new. While I do agree with some of the rules, such as -
    - a lesson before they are implemented
    - a means to sign them in and out
    - no food or drink around the ipads
    - respect and take care of them

    I also do believe that 100 percent usage of the ipad should be included and that it should be considered more of a tool rather than an incentive.