December 5, 2010

IPad in the classroom


I have found that my students lack the basic math skills in order to move on. My first approach to integrating the IPad in my classroom will be using programs like Math play, Flash to Pass, & MathBoard in in order for them to not only learn their basic math skills, but to enjoy doing it at the same time.

I have recently started using the IPad that I received during my Saturday program and in my classroom with specific students that I feel lack these basic skills that they need to move forward. I have found that they are not only enjoying math, but they are also learning. I have also found that by using the IPad, these students seem more engaged in trying to learn my everyday lessons, even though they are struggling.


Realizing the impact that it has on my lower level students, I will also use it as an enrichment for my other students who seem to grasp the new concepts that they are learning in class as an incentive for them. I have had many of my students ask me to use the IPad after they have finished their assignments. On occasions, I have let them play a game called PearlDiver or MathPlay as a way to help them appreciate that math is also fun.


I have recently rearranged my classroom around to allow a table in the back to either be used for group work with the teacher or to allow the students to use the IPad, without interrupting the other students in the classroom. I will set the students up at the table for them to work away from the other students.


In order to measure my students ability to learn their basic skills. I will have given them a Pre-test to check their basic math comprehension. I will follow up with a Post-test in the future to see their progress. If they do not show signs of progress, I will reassess my approach with the IPad.

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