November 5, 2010

I Have an iPad in My Classroom! Now What?

Welcome to the BGMS iPad integration blog!

October's post should center around initial thoughts, hopes, dreams for iPad instruction. 'I Have an iPad in My Classroom! Now What?'

As this is our first post collectively, perhaps it would be beneficial to give a line or two about you. What you teach, what your focus area is, any classroom setup information that would be helpful in understanding your motivations through the year (e.g. if you teach a Sped ELA class where the reading levels of your students are pre-k to 1st grade).

Some questions to consider:
*How are your iPads going to be set up?
*What are you excited about teaching with an iPad?
*What concerns do you have?
*What do you think the iPad can do in your class you would not otherwise be able to do?
*What students would benefit most from using the iPad?


1 comment:

  1. I was thinking about all of the possibilities with posting notes on the ibook app. This will be great for our kids.