November 11, 2010

Here I go

Never having owned an I-phone or even using a MAC, I was a little distraught, however, excited at the same time. When I first saw commercials about the Ipad, I thought it was the most interesting thing that I've seen, since I never had an I-phone. Especially, when walking into Best Buy and playing with it. However, I never actually thought I would eventually be using it in my classroom to teach with.

As a math and science teacher this year, I am a lucky that I will have this tool available at my disposal. When discussing with my students that they will be using the Ipads at some point, I just saw their eyes light up. I am focusing more on the "lower level" students in my CTT classes, however, I will not discourage any of my students from using it. I feel at some point, every student will benefit from this type of technology.

Unfortunately, I never really thought about the benefits of using one in a classroom, until I was presented with the Ipad. Once I searched through the different math and science apps, I started realizing the benefits my students will experience using the Ipad. Not only will the kids enjoy the applications, but they will enjoy special effects that go along with the learning. When searching for the different apps, I thought of the different students in my CTT classes that would really benefit from using them. I haven't formally used the Ipad yet with the students, however, I will introduce it very soon.

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