November 22, 2010


So here we are. One month into iPads @ BGMS! Better? Worse?

Judging from the responses to "I Have an Ipad in My Classroom, Now What?" we are all well on our way to approaching a new-found comfort with this technology. Phase II is all about integration.

From Ms. Crowley's use of Notes to Ms. Vazquez and ABC Phonics to Mr. Rivera and Engrade: we are exploring the possibilities. In Phase II we will turn our focus to specific classroom integration. At our meeting 12/3 we will look at putting iPads into the hands of our students!

December's blog post will be about how we plan to do this. Some of you will be receiving additional iPads for your classes. Think of this next post as a proposal. A plan. Let's consider how we are going to get iPads into the hands of students.

The post can be in three parts:
1: The app/program/function you are going to use first
2: Who will be using the iPad and what the class period will look like with a group working
3: How you are going to manage & assess the function of the iPads for that lesson


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